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Below you will find a list of all the projects we are currently working on for Sonlight Christian Mission.

We are still raising funds to complete these projects so prayerfully consider donating to toward these projects.


If you donated to one of our projects, share on social media. 


tag @sonlightchristianmission .

Building School's Second Floor

                                     By adding a second floor to the school in Gonaives, we will                                                 create space to add the additional 10th to 13th grades and

                                     reposition the 9th grade to a actual classroom. 

                                     In the last three years, we added the following; 2019 the 7th         

                                     grade, 2020 the 8th grade and 2021 the 9th grade.


                                     Our current situation with the School is unavoidable. When we 

                                     started the Cindy Owens Education Center, it was built with the   

                                     option to add a second floor.  In 2011, starting with the

                                     original five grade levels, we had rooms to expand the

School and did so as funds became available to sustain them.     With the many other projects needed at the Mission, which included: building a house for the Full-Time Guard, a New Church, building a Multipurpose Room with Missionary Housing Quarters, building an outdoor Kitchen for the School, constructing Children's Latrines, completing the cement Driveway for Children to walk on during the rainy season, purchasing a new front Gate as well as a Generator for the Mission; we have had time or ample amount of resources to to expand the School.

With that said, the 2021-22 school year will be completed on June 17, 2022, and the children will receive their report cards on July 4th, 2022. The government told Melio we can’t add additional graded until we complete the final phase of the school. This is unfortunate for the current 9th grade students. This means most of them will not continue their education and will be forced to remain at home to help where they can. As hard as this is, it’s a reality for so many children in Haiti. This is why it is so important to supply this need in a Christian atmosphere.

                                          We know it will be the start of the 2023-24 school year at the

                                          earliest before we can add the 10th and upper grades based

                                          on completing the school by then. We are working towards     

                                          raising the $100,000.00 it will take to build the school. It is                                                  with the help of God always and those who’s hearts He will                                                 prick to supply this great need, that we will see His power

                                           provide again.

Solar Arrays Needed For Primary Power

Consistent electrical power supply from the government has been undependable and non-existent over the last two years.


We purchased a new diesel generator in 2020 but fuel supplies

has been sparse as well. One thing that happens with regularity

in Haiti is sunshine!  We plan to install solar arrays for the

church, school and all-purpose building. These will be our primary

source of power and we will use the diesel generator as backup

on overcast days.  The estimated cost of this project is

$15,000.  Please partner with Sonlight in underwriting this project

and select it in the drop down box when you give on PayPal.

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