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Sonlight School Update!

It is with great excitement that we embark on our next goal for Sonlight Christian Mission.

We had many setbacks for the first seven years of the mission, but God’s protection and blessings has poured out on it for the past eight years.

At first we experienced two floods, extreme cultural and governmental uprisings, more desperate times than these for food and jobs and it seemed Satan was winning in many of the battles. Praise God for his favor on the mission and starting in 2009 we rebuilt the church, rebuilt the wall for the third time, built the first phase of the school, built the guardhouse home, built the multi-purpose building for missionaries stay, church and school use and much more and completed the new church in February of this year almost tripling our congregations capacity.

Our next goal is to complete the addition of the last six grades of the school and build the second phase of the building. We can add the first three grades by using one unused room in the current school building, barrowing a room from the medical clinic and one in the multipurpose building until the school addition is built. It is estimated we will need to sustain an additional $4,000.00 monthly for the cost of doubling the students and teachers for the next six grades. The second phase of the school building will cost approximately $90,000.00. All this seems unreachable, but with God all things are possible. He has already showed us that time and time again over the past eight years.

Pray for the success of this final goal to complete the mission and for new churches and supporters to arise to cover these expenses. We only need one hundred supporters at $40.00 a month to capture the sustainable income to cover the cost of the additional children.

We thank everyone for your prayers and any consideration for support. One hundred percent of all donated funds goes directly to the missions expenses with all stateside help being volunteers.

- Kenny Lovelace

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